NABERSNZ™ Certified Rating

A NABERSNZ™ Certified Rating benchmarks your building or tenancy for its energy efficiency.

Benefits of a NABERSNZ Certified Rating

  • If you’re an owner, a high NABERSNZ rating can mean lower operating costs, more satisfied tenants and better occupancy rates

  • If you’re a tenant, a good NABERSNZ rating means lower energy costs and assurance that you’re in an energy efficient building

You can also use your NABERSNZ rating to assess progress of your energy improvements programme, and you can also use it in marketing material.

Start with a self assessment

You can do a free NABERSNZ self-assessment online that gives an idea how your building or tenancy may rate. You’ll need some basic data to complete the self assessment:

  1. Building address
  2. Net lettable office area
  3. All fuels energy use servicing the office areas over a 12 month period
  4. Weekly hours of occupation for the area under rating
  5. For whole building or tenancy ratings you’ll also need the number of workstations serviced by your office area.

Self-assessment tool - NABERSNZ website

Getting a rating

A NABERSNZ assessor collates and assesses your building data and provides a rating for your building. Ratings range from the lowest performing 0 stars to the highest 6 stars.

Assessor directory - NABERSNZ website

Cost of a Certified Rating

Getting a Certified Rating is likely to cost around $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the type of rating, size and complexity of your building and availability of energy data.

Certified Ratings - NABERSNZ website

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