Target energy use

Reducing your organisation’s energy use involves setting targets, which will evolve over time.

Set realistic targets

Your targets should be measurable, challenging and have deadlines. But they must also be realistic and achievable.

Many businesses set targets based on average energy consumption, but this may not give you the results you expect. Target the month your business has its lowest consumption over the last 12 months, accounting for changes in output and weather conditions.

Analyse what data you can produce at your site. Consider setting up an Energy Use Index (EUI), which is total energy use divided by floor area of youra building, or divided by production. Which The measures you choose must should align with the key output or reporting drivers for your organisation, in order to be relevant and worth improving over time.

Review historical energy use

Goals set in your energy policy

As part of your organisation’s energy management policy, there may be short and long term goals that were decided on before any analysis was done - they may just be lines in the sand to aim for, and not the targets that will result in reducing your energy spend.

Develop an energy management policy

Best practice or benchmark targets

Best practice targets identify what a process, plant or building could achieve if it was operated efficiently. They’re based on the performance of similar operations. They can be based on energy audit results, on your building’s best previous performance or on internal or external benchmarks.

Internal benchmarks

Internal benchmarks apply to large organisations - they compare a site’s overall energy consumption or process with similar sites or processes in your business.

External benchmarks

External benchmarking compares your organisation’s performance with an industry standard such as the NABERSNZ energy performance benchmark for commercial building tenancies or buildings. Each sector will have its own set of recommended standards, so refer to the relevant industry association or body for more information.

NABERSNZ website