Review action plan

After reviewing your energy performance data, the next steps is to understand the factors affecting the results as well as the added benefits of improving your energy performance.

Your review should look at the effectiveness of your action plan – what worked and what didn’t It’s useful to share those learnings with your whole organisation.

Key steps to reviewing your action plan

  1. Get feedback - get feedback and ideas on the plan from staff directly involved with implementing the plan, and from other departments.
  2. Gauge awareness -assess changes in employee awareness of energy issues.
  3. Identify critical factors - try to identify what contributed to hitting or missing targets. 
  4. Quantify side benefits - identify other benefits gained from your energy management plan such as employee comfort, productivity improvement, increased sales, reduced operation and maintenance costs, or better public relations.

Advantages of reviewing your action plan

  • Reviewing your action plan involves committing resources, but has many advantages.
  • Creates insight for new energy management actions (technologies/practices/programs).
  • Avoids repeating failures by identifying what didn’t work as expected.
  • Assesses the usefulness of your tracking system and other tools and processes to better manage and evaluate.
  • Provides staff the opportunity to contribute to and understand the process of energy management.
  • Provides success stories and financial results to communicate to stakeholders inside and outside the organisation.

Scheduling annual reviews

Your energy management strategy, programme and activities should be reviewed at regular intervals.

You should present and annual audit of activities to your board with relevant extracts circulated to managers, budget holders and end-users. Your energy management achievements should be noted in the report.