Key tasks for an energy manager

If you’ve been appointed as an energy manager, these are the most important things to focus on.

1 Gain control

  • Make sure you’re buying energy as cheaply as possible and using it as efficiently as possible.
  • Raise awareness of energy waste with staff – use your business leaders to signal what’s expected of them
  • Train staff where necessary to make sure you have the right skills available for your project.

Get staff on board

2 Measure your performance

  • Compare current and past energy use and costs.
  • Focus on what will make the most impact first.
  • Continually monitor actions and achievements.

Assess performance

3 Report simply, clearly and relevantly

  • Match energy reports with the format and timing of other management reports.
  • Keep reports simple.
  • Include relevant energy metrics and suitable benchmarks for each audience.

Evaluate progress

4 Share the glory

  • Make sure all the staff who’ve contributed to energy savings get the credit.

Provide internal recognition

5 Promote your achievements

  • Publicise your successes to motivate staff and secure further funding.
  • Write newsletter articles on successful projects.

Recognise achievements