Motivate and train staff

Businesses often believe that the key to better energy efficiency is to invest in new plant and equipment. But the reality is that people – your staff – are just as important, if not more so.

Staff help control equipment and how things get done. They also often hold important knowledge about what actually happens in the front line that can lead to savings. So getting staff support for your Energy Plan therefore isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential.

 Staff awareness and motivation guide [PDF 810KB]

Three components underpinning lasting change

If you want to create lasting change within your organisation, you’ll need to consider three things:


Getting people to change is far more successful if they appreciate why change is necessary. If they understand the ‘why’, staff are often able to identify how savings can be achieved, the results can often be achieved surprisingly fast.


Motivation is a matter of getting people to take responsibility, individually and collectively, to understand that their actions are important. Getting people on board means helping them feel that their actions can make a difference.

Top level engagement

Senior management have a crucial role to play in a successful staff awareness and motivation programme. Without leadership and commitment from the very top, a project can be seen as ‘soft’, be starved of capital and shunned by managers who have other, ‘harder’ performance indicators to meet.

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