Get staff on board

About half of the energy used in commercial buildings is controlled by the people working in them. An enthusiastic workforce that looks out for energy waste and wants to save energy will fuel the organisation’s efforts.

Businesses often believe that the key to better energy efficiency is to invest in new plant and equipment. But the reality is that people - your staff - are just as important, if not more so. Staff help control equipment and how things get done. They often hold important knowledge about what actually happens in the front line that can lead to savings.

  • Build an energy team: changing people's behaviour is a major task. You'll need all the help you can get to make the changes successfully.
  • Find out what staff think: it's important you know what people think about saving energy, what will motivate them to save energy and what problems you might come across when you implement your energy plan.
  • Plan: your energy plan needs to take into account how you'll go about changing people's behaviour.

Find out more about motivating and training staff to help you implement your action plan: