Provide internal recognition

The least costly energy investment you can make is to motivate your staff. Getting people on board means helping them feel that their actions can make a difference.

And one way of doing this is by recognising the achievements of staff members and business teams who have supported your energy management plan.

Recognition raises morale and helps to promote a good energy management culture in your organisation. It also helps energy managers get traction for future projects, so they can build on their successes.

Celebrate success

Some of the most common, and tangible, ways of celebrating success and motivating others are to:

  • Set up a system where staff contributions are welcomed, and good ideas are incentivised in some way, such as a monthly giveaway for the best suggestion
  • Promote and support those staff members who achieve energy savings
  • Offer financial rewards for staff initiatives, or competitions between departments with suitable prizes, or
  • Put on a morning tea shout when you hit an energy-saving target.

Set recognition levels

Set recognition levels that best suit your business. They could include:

  • individual - acknowledge the contributions and achievements of specific people
  • teams - recognise the achievements of teams, departments, and other groups
  • facility - reward the achievements or performance of your entire site.

If you have different sites or teams, consider a ‘league table’ of energy savings.

Set recognition criteria

Provide focus and direction for your staff by outlining the specific improvements you are looking to achieve. Your recognition criteria could include, rewarding people who:

  • offered the best energy savings ideas
  • achieved the greatest energy use reduction
  • increased savings by X amount.

Make sure to report your success in the most appropriate way for your business. For example, if some sites have specific reasons for higher energy consumption, it may be appropriate to report on energy use changes rather than total consumption.

Choose recognition type

Depending on your business culture, forms of recognition can range from formal acknowledgements and certificates, coffee mugs or t-shirts, celebration events and even to salary increases and cash bonuses.

Making use of the savings in a tangible way can also be a very effective way of recognising and rewarding success. You could look to reward the correct behaviours and motivate future behaviours by:

  • Crediting all financial savings from energy activities to an energy management budget to fund further projects
  • Allowing individual departments to keep their energy savings for discretionary spending
  • Improving staff facilities with the savings made
  • Donating a percentage of the savings to a charity selected by the staff, or
  • Sponsoring a student training project.