Receive external recognition

Good work deserves to be acknowledged.

Recognition from a third party can provide validation for your organisation’s energy management plan, as well as providing satistaction for you and your staff, enhancing your organisations public image and strengthening your competitive advantage.

Membership associations and industry bodies

Participate in established groups to share results and learnings, such as your industry or trade association. Improving the performance of other members through sharing results can lift the performance and reputation of your entire sector.

Performance standards

Where achievement of specified standards is required, for example for carbon emissions, demonstrating commitment through achieving certifications, such as ISO50001, and jointly communicating results can help in winning contracts.

Achievement awards

Applying for recognition through awards is a good way to focus on what you have achieved and to create market and brand value through positive exposure and interest. Achieving an external, credible award can also generate goodwill with your customers and help the case for further improvement within your business.

EECA Awards - EECA website
Sustainable Business Network Awards
Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards

Public reporting and recognition

Reporting progress to your key stakeholders and through in your promotional activities can help you gain customer and supplier support. You can demonstrate some of the attributes they may have chosen your organisation for.

There arealso  a variety of government programmes, industry associations, and other organisations that recognise environmental achievements through energy management. Find out more at the website.

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