How EECA can help your business

At EECA we work with a wide range of businesses across New Zealand to reduce energy costs.

We’ve supported thousands of energy audits, workshops and feasibility studies to identify energy saving opportunities. Energy saving is good for your business, good for the economy, and good for the whole of New Zealand.


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We help you manage your energy better

 We'll get you on the right path to better energy management by:

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  • looking for the best opportunities for energy efficiency in your business
  • putting you in touch with energy experts
  • providing case studies so you can see how other businesses like yours reduced their energy spend
  • facilitating networking opportunities
  • partnering with you to help improve your competitiveness through energy efficiency.

The benefits of better energy management

Managing your energy well also helps you to:

  • enhance your brand
  • increase productivity
  • improve staff wellbeing
  • improve performance
  • reduce your carbon footprint

> Find out more about the benefits of energy management

Read our new Power Up guides to energy management - how managing energy can help your business become more productive, attract and engage staff and deliver on your targets.

Which stage of energy management are you?

Whether you're just starting to think about energy management or well on your way with a plan in place, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to focus on next. Find out which stage of energy management you are.

> Which stage of energy management are you?

How does your business rate?

Our energy management tool is an easy and helpful way to assess: your business's energy costs, where to make change, how to do this and the amount you stand to save. See how your business compares to others too. 

> Use our Energy Management Journey tool
Energy Management Journey tool factsheet [PDF 620KB]

Funding and support we offer

Investing in energy efficiency will deliver returns for your business. Our funding and loans can help you identify opportunities and build a business case. See Funding and support for a full list of options.

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Our partners and suppliers



 We work through programme partners - businesses with the specialist, technical expertise - to help you identify and implement cost-effective projects. They can also access any funding you may be eligible for.  

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