Manage energy use to improve productivity

Less can mean more. Businesses looking for ways to improve productivity usually invest in new technology. They may not yet have considered energy efficiency as the first step.

Many businesses are wasting up to 20% of the energy they use. Cutting energy waste delivers an immediate boost - the same production delivered at lower cost. 

Watch our video to find out how some of New Zealand’s leading businesses have improved energy efficiency to see better outputs and profits.

 Video - Productivity

 Decrease costs, increase productivity

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Energy efficiency projects can reduce maintenance costs, increase your output, improve product quality and enhance your brand. They can also improve working conditions and productivity of your staff and help you plan for the future. 

Good data, planning, and committing to improvement are key to long-term success in energy management.

We help you manage your energy better

At EECA Business™ we work with a wide range of businesses across New Zealand to reduce energy costs.

We’ve supported thousands of energy audits, workshops and feasibility studies to identify energy saving opportunities. Energy saving is good for your business, good for the economy, and good for the whole of New Zealand. 

The benefits of better energy management

Managing your energy well also helps you to:

  • enhance your brand
  • increase productivity
  • improve staff wellbeing
  • improve performance
  • reduce your carbon footprint

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Which stage of energy management are you?


Whether you're just starting to think about energy management or well on your way with a plan in place, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to focus on next. Find out which stage of energy management you are.

> Which stage of energy management are you?

How does your business rate?

Energy Management Journey tool

Our energy management tool is an easy and helpful way to assess: your business's energy costs, where to make change, how to do this and the amount you stand to save. See how your business compares to others too. 

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Funding and support we offer

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Investing in energy efficiency will deliver returns for your business. Our funding and loans can help you identify opportunities and build a business case. See Funding and support for a full list of options.

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Our partners and suppliers

Partner directory

We work through programme partners - businesses with the specialist, technical expertise - to help you identify and implement cost-effective projects. They can also access any funding you may be eligible for.  

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