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Many businesses are wasting up to 20% of the energy they use and don’t even know it - together, they are wasting $1.6 billion per year. Is your business one of them?

Our simple, free tool tells you what’s costing you the most, so you can focus on making the changes that will save you money. Our tool tells you what is involved, where to start, what to do next, and who can help you. It’s quick and easy to take action and the savings go straight into profit. Many of the actions you can take are easy and free or low cost, but will save you money.

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Additional benefits

Making your business more energy efficient can have other benefits too, such as:

  • reducing maintenance costs
  • becoming more competitive by taking out costs
  • becoming more profitable - improve profit by reducing costs
  • improving working conditions and safety for your staff with better lighting and heating 
  • reducing your carbon footprint.  

Getting staff behind what you’re doing can make your business a better place to work, and help you plan for the future. 

Many New Zealand businesses are taking action, from simple lightbulb replacement, to complex technical upgrades, to empowering staff to look for better ways to work. Read about them in our case study showcase.

"The tool is a way to boost the productivity of businesses using it. Getting energy and carbon down makes business more competitive, appeals to staff and clients and it reduces costs."

Rachel Brown, CEO
Sustainable Business Network

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