Saving energy and emissions

Climate change is a global challenge, and consumers are looking to the business sector to show leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

New Zealand businesses are joining the movement to get serious on climate change. Minimising energy use is one of the main ways businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be more sustainable.

EECA’s research shows that businesses typically waste up to 20% of the energy they use, so better energy management could make a big difference not only to your emissions profile but also to your bills.

Typically businesses generate most of their emissions from air travel and commuting, then from powering their office use, mainly in heating and lighting. In industrial sites, emissions from industrial processes may far outweigh office emissions.

Making your business more energy efficient can have other benefits, such as;

  • reducing maintenance costs
  • becoming more competitive/profitable by reducing costs
  • improving working conditions and safety for your staff with better lighting and heating
  • improving staff morale, systems and processes.

Energy use is not all tied up in big equipment. For example employee behaviour change efforts e.g. to regularly check temperature set points and lighting levels in your office can make a difference to your bills.

Case studies

Find out what businesses like yours are doing to reduce emissions and costs.

 Case studies

Tools and resources

We’ve brought together some ideas to help your business to reduce energy use.

How does your business rate?

Start by working out how well you are managing the energy you use now.

Our simple, free tool can tell you what’s costing you the most, so you can focus on making the changes that will save energy and reduce costs.

 Energy management journey tool

Watch our video

 Save energy save money

Our tool will help you make a plan – we give you tips from simple and low cost, to who can help you uncover and implement more complex energy efficiency opportunities in your business.

If you’re a larger energy user or emitter, EECA may have funding and support to help. Find out more here.

 Support for large energy users

Look at your fleet – could you go electric?

EECA’s Low Emissions Vehicle Contestable Fund offers funding towards electrification of New Zealand’s fleet. Find out more here.

 Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund

Find out more about EVs and whether they’d be right for your business here.

 Electric Vehicles

Choosing the right vehicle for your fleet comes down to more than just the purchase price. Use our total cost of ownership tool to help decide which one is right for you.

 Vehicle total cost of ownership tool

Get your staff on board - your people are your best resource.

Getting them to help improve how your business operates and reduce its impact on NZ will help your workplace be a great place to work.

Our staff engagement toolkit can walk you through the process of engaging with your staff, from surveying them to work out what they think, to planning and implementing an annual calendar of events and newsletters.

Simple tips to get started

If you just want simple tips to start your energy management journey, our tip sheets will help.

 Your office

 Your industrial site