You're committed to energy efficiency - just need to act

Having goals is the first step. Now you need to make them happen. Energy savings are only possible if you have the policies, people and processes in place.

How does your business rate?

Energy Management Journey tool

Our energy management tool is a great way to reassess where to make change and get a reminder of the cost savings. It'll clarify what to do first and next. And you can see how you stack up against competitors.

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> Energy Management Journey tool factsheet [PDF 620KB]

What do businesses like yours do?

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You may have good leads as to how you can make energy savings, but seeing what similar businesses have done can be a great help. View our case studies and select the business that's most like yours.

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Can you learn from your sector?

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Don't think you have to reinvent the wheel. There are tried and true energy efficient cost savings in your sector to consider. Choose your sector to see if you can emulate best practice.  

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Can you get funding?

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You may be able to get financial help to realise parts of your energy management plan. For instance funding of an energy audit or a monitoring and targeting system. See Funding and support for a full list of options.

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Do you need training? 

Training and support

Having training in aspects of energy efficiency relevant to your business will help you reach your savings targets quicker. From professional certification courses to one-hour webinars - see our Training for the help you need.

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Find a provider

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Don't get stuck wondering how to put your energy management plan into action. Energy partners and suppliers can help. Search our new Partner directory to find a specialist in your sector and region.

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6 parts of energy management

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It's a good idea to check you're prepared for energy management - the big picture. Our snapshot of the 6 parts to energy management shows you the key things you need to put in place.

> Understand the 6 parts of energy management

Next steps

It's time to prioritise key tasks so your energy management plan can take shape. See our Implement action plan section for what to consider next, how to train and motivate your team and even get some quick wins.

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