You've got an energy management plan but need help to make it happen

You may have an energy management policy in place, some savings targets and commitment from senior management. That's great. You're now ready to implement the plan. It's time to focus on how and who can help you do this.

Could funding help?

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It pays to find out if your business is eligible for financial help with energy efficiency. For example some funding for an energy audit or a monitoring and targeting system. See Funding and support for a list of options.

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Do you need training?

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Training in aspects of energy efficiency can help put in place some of the practices in your plan. From professional certification courses to one-hour webinars - see our Training for what might help you and your staff.

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Find a provider

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We have energy partners that can help you implement your plan. Search our new Partner directory to see what support they provide. Filter your search to find a service that suits your business.

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Evaluate progress

Evaluate progess

Keeping managers up-to-date with timely updates on energy use is key, but are you measuring the right things in the right way? How useful will the reporting be? See our Evaluate progress section to take stock.

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6 parts to energy management

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About now it's a good idea to check you're preparing for energy management - the big picture. Our snapshot of the 6 parts to energy management shows you the key things you need to put in place.

> Understand the 6 parts of energy management

Check how your business rates

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Things may have changed since you started preparing for energy savings. Use our energy management tool to check your figures and actions are realistic. It will help you reset and take the right next step.

> Use our online Energy Management Journey tool
> Energy Management Journey tool factsheet [PDF 620KB]

Next steps

If you haven't already it's time to prioritise key tasks so you energy management plan is put into practice. See our Implement action plan section for what to consider next, how to train and motivate your team and even get some quick wins.

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