Work with staff to reach your goals

In any business, keen, motivated staff help your company succeed.

You may be one of only a few people in your organisation responsible for monitoring your company’s energy use, but you need everyone working together to make real progress towards your energy savings goals. 


Video - Staff Engagement - The Benefits of Engaging Staff

Our toolkit can help you get on the path

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We’ve got the tools to help get you started. We’ve developed a Staff Engagement Toolkit – a set of checklists, guides and templates. You can download these for free to help you develop your own staff engagement programme. 


Read our overview of how to sucessfully engage staff.

 Watch our "Staff Engagement - How To video"

 Work through the "6 steps toolkit"

Find out more

Find out what’s involved in managing energy - even if you aren’t an energy manager, our sample job description could highlight some key areas to focus on.

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