Synlait electrode boiler

Electrical heating technologies

Options for replacing, supplementing or optimising process heat.

renewable energy 01

Renewable energy

Biofuels, geothermal generation, micro-hydro systems, wind turbines, solar PV systems, wood energy.

building management 01

Building management systems

BMS benefits, finding the right BMS, and BMS funding opportunities.

compressed air 03

Compressed air

How to get the best from your compressed air system, and compressed air case studies.

electric motors 01

Electric motors

Motor replacement, performance standards, electronic soft starters, quality-certified motor rewinders.

heat recovery 02

Heat recovery

When to use heat recovery, where to get expert advice, funding and support and heat recovery case studies.

hvac 03

Heating, ventilation & air conditioning

HVAC system optimisation, managing extra heat, and getting expert advice.



Ceiling and underfloor insulation, draught-proofing and weather-proofing, getting expert advice.

lighting 01


Lighting for education, offices, stores, industrial sites, roads and the types of light and light fittings available.

office equipment 01

Office equipment

Buying energy efficient office equipment, where to place servers, and encouraging staff to save energy.

processheat 03

Process heat systems

Making the most of steam systems, hot water systems and direct heat systems.

pumping fans 03

Pumping & fan systems

Making your system more efficient, pumping and fan system funding and case studies.

refrigeration 01


Improving refrigeration efficiency, and how to get expert advice on refrigeration.

vehicles 01


Vehicle selection, aerodynamics, tyres, fuels, telematics and route planning systems.

electric vehicles 02

Electric vehicles

Benefits, considerations prior to purchase, regulations and how to charge your electric vehicle.