Building management systems

Building Energy Management Systems (BMS or BEMS) monitor and control a building’s energy-using equipment, helping to cut energy waste and costs.

Types of BMS

A BMS is a software program that monitors all the energy used to heat, cool and light a building and run its equipment. A BMS lets you respond quickly as energy demand changes and reports on energy use over time. The systems are generally more effective in larger premises.

There are 2 types of BMS:

  • monitoring and targeting systems - these are designed to monitor energy use and target areas for improvement.
  • continuous commissioning systems - these systems adjust your HVAC and other systems continuously to meet demand.

How a BMS can benefit your business

A BMS makes sure your building is always comfortable for staff and that your equipment switches off when not needed. Some systems can be controlled remotely, allowing property managers to make changes and get reports even when out of a monitored building.

How to find the right BMS

There is a range of systems that cater to different buildings and their reporting requirements. So, think carefully about your building’s needs and get an energy management specialist to recommend a system and oversee its installation.

Monitoring and targeting guide [PDF 441KB]

You can also modify an existing system that monitors essential building services and security into one that functions as a BMS.

Funding and Support for Building Management Systems

Systems Optimisation

EECA may contribute up to 40% of the cost of a continuous commissioning or BMS project up to a maximum of $100,000.

Recalibrating existing equipment can significantly reduce costs and better meet staff and production needs.

 Systems optimisation

Crown loans

We loan money to help public sector organisations implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that provide good examples for other organisations to follow.

 Crown loans

Monitoring and targeting

We can contribute to the cost of a monitoring and targeting system, which tells you in real time how your building is using energy and when things aren’t working. Using one could shave up to 20% off your annual energy bill.

 Monitoring and targeting