Electric vehicles available in New Zealand

Mass produced electric cars have been on sale to the New Zealand public since 2011, both new and as second-hand imports.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are often more expensive to purchase, especially if buying new, but cost far less to operate than petrol and diesel vehicles - the equivalent of paying 30c per litre for petrol. This means that if you look at the total cost of owning a vehicle, rather than just the one-off purchase price, an EV is a great option for your next car.

You can find out more about the cost of an electric car by using our vehicle total cost of ownership tool – it provides a list of new vehicles available in New Zealand along with their operating costs and you can change the data to reflect your own vehicle use.

 Vehicle total cost of ownership tool


Types of electric vehicles
Benefits and considerations for electric vehicles
Safety and regulations for electric vehicles

Charging your electric vehicle