Regulations for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have to meet the same regulations as any other vehicle, although they are exempt from Road User Charges (RUC) until 2020*. The exemption is valued at NZ$700 per year for 14,000km.

EVs must comply with:

  • Road safety-related regulations - like all other vehicles, electric cars have to meet frontal impact standards and other road worthiness requirements.
  • Registration - EVs are required to be registered for use on the road as a standard class vehicle (e.g. car, moped or motorcycle).
  • Electrical safety regulations - charging infrastructure also need to adhere to New Zealand's Electrical Safety regulations and Standards.

ANCAP safety ratings - Rightcar website

Charging your electric vehicle safely - Energy Safety website

* The Road User Charges Act 1977 defines electric vehicles as those "whose motive power [the power that enables something to move] is wholly or partly derived from an external source of electricity." This definition excludes regular hybrid vehicles which cannot plug into an electricity socket.

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