Industrial lighting

In industrial workplaces, good lighting helps staff to work efficiently, accurately and safely in a comfortable setting.

How to create a well-lit environment

Here are some cost effective, basic tips for creating a well-lit industrial workplace.

  • Make the most of natural daylight, but avoid glare and potential overheating. If you have skylights, use a daylight sensor to control interior and exterior lighting where it’s safe to automate the switching.
  • Clean or replace skylights to increase the amount of natural light available.
  • Choose light colours for walls and ceilings to help create a comfortable and pleasant environment, and maximise reflected light levels.
  • Provide the correct colour rendering and colour temperature. This improves accuracy, safety and comfort for workers and can improve alertness.
  • Have zoning for lights so that staff can dim lights or switch them off when they’re not needed.
  • Use occupancy sensors to dim or switch lights off when areas aren’t being used. This can be particularly cost-effective for warehouse aisles, store-rooms and bathrooms.
  • Lighting for night shifts should focus on comfort and safety, as well as energy efficiency.

 Types of light

 Types of light fitting


It’s possible to retrofit existing T8 fluorescent lamps (fluorescent tubes) with newer T5 fluorescent or LED lamps to improve efficiencies. Both have pros and cons that your lighting designer can discuss in more detail.

Get expert advice on lighting

Lighting is a specialist area, so it’s a good idea to talk to a qualified lighting professional. Ideally, they should be IES accredited (Illumination Engineers Society).

Illumination Engineers Society (IES) website

EMANZ Lighting Suppliers

They’ll assess your specific needs and suggest the most appropriate energy efficient lighting designs and lamp options. Make sure you get a clear cost-benefit analysis of each lighting option. The analysis should include details about the return on your investment and ongoing maintenance costs.