Pumping and fan systems

Improving the efficiency of your pumping or fan system can increase your productivity and your profits.

Making your pumping or fan system more efficient

If you want to improve the efficiency of your pumping or fan system, we recommend you get advice from one of our approved programme partners.

Here are some areas you can find efficiencies in your system. 

Pumping systems

  • Level control - in some systems, you can set levels so that pumps operate only when necessary.
  • Pressure switch control - if your pump system has intermittent demand, you can install a pressure switch control to turn pumps off when not needed.
  • Pump size - a pump that’s the wrong size for the system can waste a lot of energy. Some systems change over time, making well-specified pumps inefficient.
  • Remove unnecessary circulation - isolating loops that unnecessarily circulate heating or cooling water, reduces power consumption and thermal load.

Fan systems

  • Remove unnecessary airflow - moving air unnecessarily is wasteful. Close dampers to isolate air extraction and supply ducts when they’re not needed.

Pumping and fan system funding

Your business may be eligible for financial support for an industrial energy audit of your pumping or fan system.

 Industrial energy audits