Why use wood energy?

The use of wood energy can provide both economic and environmental benefits.

Economic benefits of wood energy

The potential economic benefits of wood energy include:

  • Enhanced company brand and reputation through using a renewable form of energy and demonstrating environmental leadership
  • Minimises waste and waste management costs (for industry sites using wood residue from operations)
  • An increase in New Zealand’s ability to be energy self-sufficient through the production and use of wood energy - this benefits the country as a whole
  • Cost effectiveness compared to some fossil fuels
  • Easy storage (compared to other forms of renewable energy)

Economic benefits

Environmental benefits of wood energy

In addition, environmental benefits of wood energy result because:

  • Wood is a renewable resource and, therefore, a sustainable form of energy
  • Wood is carbon neutral, so it doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect
  • The use of wood as energy reduces potential waste and pollution

Environmental benefits