Maintaining buses and trucks

Keeping your vehicle in good mechanical condition is critical to its long-term performance. Good maintenance will pay for itself in the money you save through improved fuel economy and reduced operating costs.

What your maintenance should include

Your maintenance should be planned and follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. You may need to adjust your schedule if your vehicle is operating in non-standard conditions, such as long periods operating off-road.

 As a minimum your maintenance should include:

  • checks for any leaks including air leaks, fluid leaks, exhaust system leaks
  • fluid levels and condition, including engine and transmission
  • brake condition
  • operation of lights
  • operation of accessories such as windscreen wipers and washers
  • tyre pressure, wheel and axle alignment.

Pre-use vehicle checks

Bus and truck drivers need  to complete daily (pre-use) vehicle checks. Supported by good maintenance and management systems, these checks will help you to save fuel, improve safety and reduce your maintenance costs. 

The NZ Transport Agency has produced a guide that bus and truck drivers can use when doing a pre-trip (use) vehicle inspection.

Driver pre-trip walk around inspection guide for buses – NZTA website

Driver pre-trip walk around inspection guide for trucks – NZTA website