Tyres for buses and trucks

Tyre construction

The materials used to construct tyres affects rolling resistance and fuel use. Some tyre suppliers claim improvements in fuel consumption of up to 5% from lower rolling resistance tyres. Those tyres may have a shorter life but even a 10% reduction in tyre life will not cost more than the benefit of a 1% fuel saving. It may be worth evaluating these types of tyres to see if they could suit your needs.

Tyre pressure

Regularly checking tyre pressure and maintaining optimum pressures can not only improve fuel efficiency but also extend the life of your tyres. A 10 psi difference in pressure on tyres on an axle set can cause a 1-2 % increase in fuel use. There are many devices for monitoring tyre pressures so we recommend talking to your tyre provider to see what would best suit your business.

Wheel alignment

Even a one degree misalignment on an axle set could increase fuel use by 5% and reduce the life of the tyre by as much as 25%.