Selecting cars, vans and utes

Buying or leasing the right vehicle for the task affects your business’ productivity, fuel efficiency, safety, maintenance and other operating costs.

Choosing the right vehicle

Buying the most efficient vehicle for your needs can make all the difference to your fuel bill. Fuel consumption can differ hugely - even between similar sized vehicles - so it’s wise to compare models and features. Consider how suitable a vehicle is for your lifestyle or business, how fuel efficient it is and any special features that are important to you.

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Driving efficiently

Improving how you drive and maintain your car can help you save on fuel and running costs. A few simple things can make all the difference.

Driving efficiently - ENERGYWISE website


A lot of the energy vehicles use goes into rolling resistance between the tyres and the road. Even small improvements in tyre rolling resistance can lead to worthwhile savings

Electric vehicles

There are many reasons for you to choose an electric vehicle (EV) over a vehicle powered by petrol or diesel. An EV is much cheaper to run (equivalent to paying 30 cents a litre for petrol), more efficient, doesn't pollute the air with exhaust emissions and delivers an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions when in use in New Zealand.

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles have been available for many years and are widely used. They use a combination of a petrol or diesel engine, a battery and an onboard electric motor.